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Frequently Asked Questions

Ozone is a natural, safe and a highly effective sanitation method that significantly reduces the need for traditional amounts of chemicals. Having an Ozone system often saves water, energy and chemicals, while producing no harmful by-products. Ozonators work by forcing ozone to dissolve in the water, instantly neutralising or killing a wider range of contaminants. As with ozone from the protective layer of the atmosphere, ozone produced from the ozone generator oxidises the substances it comes across. This includes bacteria, viruses, algae, oils, bodily fluids, fungus and chlorine by-products like chloramines. Ozone Sanitisation does not replace the need for chemicals but works to maintain clean and clear water. It will reduce the chemical load by 50-60% (dependant on usage).

Credit card, eftpos and cash are accepted; however, we also have a few different finance options. Please see the Finance Section to learn more.

At King Spa Pools we stock most parts you will need for your spa including jets, plumbing, pumps controls etc. However, if we don’t have what you need you can contact us and we will can source them for you.

If your spa is running well it is recommended to have your spa looked over annualy.

Yes, we do! As it is very important to maintain your spa, hot tub and swim spa we have a service technician that can do this for you. Contact us to organise this.

With the spa running on full power with the heater on, your cost is .25c per hour per K/W. Example: We have a 1.5 K/W heater, it will cost approximately 37c an hour to run

Spas can hold between 900 – 1200 litres of water, it all depends on the dimension and depth of the spa.

Spas maximum temperature is 40 degrees. To reach temperature it will depend on the initial water temperature. The rule of thumb on an average it is a degree/KW per 1000 litres of water per hour.

Approximately 15-20 minutes depending on the ambient temperature.

As we have infrared saunas they will sit at around 60-65 degrees at their hottest.

This will depend on how much you are using your spa and how many people are in and out of it etc. Just as a guide it is recommended to drain and replace the water every 3-6 months.

We recommend having a hard flat surface like concrete. A surface that won’t sink when the spa is filled with water.

This will differ with each spa. Our spas range from 10amp to 32amp. Spas that run off a 10 or 15amp plug will still have to have its own dedicated circuit with an isolation switch and RCD protection installed by an electrician. Any spas that are 15amp or above will require an electrician to directly hardwire into the spa pool controller with an isolation switch and protected by an RCD. When you purchase your spa at King Spa Pools, we will provide all of the information required for an electrician. (RCD: Residual current device)


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We have partnered with Handypay so that you can access a simple, affordable payment plan for your swimming pool related needs. No early exit or early repayment fees.

Handypay offers simple payment plan solutions so that you can turn your dreams into reality with affordable repayments that will not hamper your lifestyle - that’s handy!


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